People say

Lucy’s ability to turn even the most mundane text into emotionally resonant copy is nothing short of magic. Her writing is intuitive, powerful and evocative, in short everything one could wish for from a copywriter. From the day she joined my team at Mencap she showed passion and initiative, tackling complex and challenging projects such as the annual report and the ‘Hear My Voice’ campaign with enthusiasm. Her creative vision proved invaluable in group brainstorming sessions and her commitment to quality ensured the resulting work consistently surpassed expectation. Perhaps Lucy’s best trait, however, is her disposition. She approached internal and external stakeholders alike with kindness and sensitivity, helping to build the reputation of a newly formed creative team following a massive period of change. I would not hesitate to hire Lucy again should the opportunity arise. She would be an incredible asset to any organisation
— Andi Davids, CEO Brightone
What can I say about your photo’s…breath-taking, you’re incredibly talented. Yeah there is a touch of bias but seriously Lucy your photographs are amazing…I hope you share your talent, and I don’t just mean on ‘flickr’!!! There are lots I’d enlarge and put on canvas; I hope now that if I stick at it my attempts at photography will one day be as impressive as yours.
— Rai Frys
Dear Lucy,
Thank you for sending these pictures I think they are fantastic. You should do an exhibition.
We could help you put it together and then raise funds for Cafod by asking people who attend to make a donation.
What do you think?
— Elly Woolston
Oh my God Lucy these are lush! Looks like you’ve got a natural talent for taking photos – I like the people photos, so colourful.
— Gemma, DMS
Your photos are amazing! I didn’t realise you were such a talented photographer. Did you take a really good camera with you to Nepal? When I was there (in August a few years ago) the monsoon was just departing and it was all grey and a bit horrible. I’m so jealous of you!
— Tim. Friend.
Wow wow wow. Your Tengboche photos are amazing and I’ve had a really quick flick through some of the others. You’re really good!
— Maddy Eastwood
And I had a quick look at your photos too… Fantastic! That’s quite a talent you have there!
— Justin Swarbrick
Lucy is able to drill down to the heart of a message with unfailing enthusiasm, speed and creative flair. She has pushed my own writing forwards and the work she has produced for Mencap is of consistently outstanding quality. Whether it be tackling complex information to make it readable and compelling for an annual report or capturing the essence of a new campaign in a short, snappy headline, Lucy always rises to the challenge with a smile!
— Sally Harper, Copywriter